BRCA Regional at TORCH - 22nd of April 2012

Report from Tony Evdoka, BRCA Regional at TORCH - 22nd of April 2012

My satisfactions were different to normal results of a racing weekend.
I don’t know where to start actually.
In my opinion, Kevin Lee was in a league of his own all day although I did get close to him in round 2 (LOL)
I think Kevin will admit that in round 2 he drove extremely hard to stay ahead and ended up beating me by just  0.72 over the 5 minute qualifier.
Kevin also posted the only 23s lap of the day (in trying so hard to keep ahead- LOL) in that run and that lap is now the new lap record on that track layout. If I am not mistaken, no other 23s lap has been ever been achieved on that layout and jump combination at TORCH
The times posted by Kevin and me were the fastest times of the day closely followed by Stephen Brown with his KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "Vega".
I am still unsure if I got more satisfaction in beating Stephen at that stage or being real close to Kevin :)
Rain then came and we were in the unknown as most of our testing and developments of the KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "DB1" have been in dry conditions.
This is where I was personally shocked at what developed and everyone knows I always quote 'the stop watch doesn't lie'
There have been many people asking whether the new Kyosho based DB1 car would ever work in wet conditions!
Well with all 3 KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "DB1" cars at this meeting we were about to find out.
The rain actually couldn't of come at a better time as it was just between rounds and no one had any advantage or disadvantage.
A very bold statement but all three of the DB1 cars where simply so much faster than anyone else.  Stephen with his KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "Vega" was also quick but unfortunately no lap times posted so can't really comment factually.
Kev, me and Dave were the only ones capable of doing 25s laps with Kevin doing the fastest lap of that wet round.  A 25.206 was posted by Kev in the wet.
To put into prospective my statements.  Everyone else (near 90 drivers) was doing 27s /28s plus lap times apart from just one single lap put in by Glenn Westwood which was 26.936 (just 1 sub 27s)
The KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "DB1" cars were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in round and the only cars that did 12 lap pace.
I still look at these times in disbelief how quick our cars were in wet conditions. I have always said the clock never lies and it doesn’t matter how I state the facts.

4 Kyosho cars in the main A final (3 KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "DB1s" and 1 KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "Vega") and all 4 on the front of the grid.
Kevin Lee (DB1), Tony Evdoka (DB1), Stephen Brown (Vega) and David Burton (DB1)

The Finals were also wet although the rain had eased by then.
Kevin and I got a 1st and 2nd in legs 1 and 2 securing the win for Kevin and a Podium for myself.
Stephen Brown also drove a great last leg taking the win from myself to secure himself 2nd at the meeting.

Results were then a KYOSHO  1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Main final. And also a win for Matt Perry in the B final with his KYOSHO Ultima RB5 "Vega" just missing the A by one place.
A great event with a great result for TEAM KYOSHO !! The TORCH crew also need to be commended for their superb efforts in giving everyone a great prepared track and a well run meeting.
Full results can be found here

Regards Tony Evdoka