Enjoy reading wind shifts and trimming the sails with real yacht-like control.
Sail this world renowned yacht enhanced with FRP hull in a Readyset package.

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Ideal scale beginner airplane that also has the same gentle flight characteristics as well as the form of the original !

Since its birth in 1937, more than 20,000 Piper J-3 Cub have graced the skies around the world. The calm and stable flight of the Cub makes it an ideal choice for a scale R/C airplane. Electric power takes away the complications of engine starting etc. and allows you to concentrate on the fun of flying. The long 1,800mm wingspan reproduces the Cub's steady flying characteristics while the NACA2415 type wings make light stunts possible. As one of KYOSHO's renowned fully assembled SQS models, the specially selected balsa structure is covered in film to deliver a lightweight but highly rigid finish. As a scale trainer, you will not find a more reliable and fun training partner.

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#10065 EDGE 540 SQS40 EP


Left and right halves of the main wing jut out from near the exact center of the fuselage to realize the awesome flight and form of a mid-wing acro airplane.
Electric power provides plenty of grunt for flying stunning maneuvers.

From the world of acrobatic airplanes comes the famous EDGE 540, but this time as an electric powered model. The mid-wing design and swept trailing edge of the main wing recreate the flight performance and form of the original. The main wing halves are joined inside the fuselage that combines with the lightweight yet rigid stringer structure of the rear fuselage to produce a flying masterpiece with balance and control for nimble acro flight. With a powertrain that starts with a brushless motor, the freedom of roll and hovering performance etc. is granted as only a mid-wing airplane can. In addition this airplane is almost completely factory assembled. Install the motor and tail wing, attach wheels and decals, then all that's left to do is hook up the linkages. You can be enjoying stunning acro flight performance in next to no time. The EDGE takes electric R/C acro airplanes to amazing new heights.

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#11077 PHANTOM#62 .70 GP (SQS FRP)


The biplane that dominated the Reno Air Races, designed in cooperation with the original flying team. Enjoy the breathtaking racing performance of 70-class power!

With repeated victories in the biplane-class, Phantom has dominated all rivals at the famed Reno Air Races. As a biplane, the aggressive form of Phantom has been especially designed for peak air racing performance. The focus on speed and turning control has resulted in a scaled down model that delivers the full-size flying experience. From the start of the 2007 Reno Air Races, the original flying team proudly wears the Kyosho logo as a sign of Kyosho’s sponsorship and the close collaboration in model design. Naturally these graphics are included on the 70-class model as well. The FRP fuselage combines with balsa main and tail wings to realize an optimal lightweight structure. While the wing has a slightly larger leading edge radius than the original plane, it also produces low speed stability and stall characteristics that you wouldn’t expect from a racer. Almost completely pre-built, there aren’t many steps needed for the finishing touches so intermediate to advanced fliers will find themselves airborne in a relatively short period of time. While still regarded as a middle size, there is plenty of power and performance to experience the true excitement of air racing battles.

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*Can be operated with previous MINI-Z Racer ASF2.4 GHz 2-channel transmitter.

Kyosho 50th Anniversary Limited Edition chassis appearance!
(Limited Edition of Red anodized) full bearing, ball differential, gold-plated battery terminal equipment.


#11081 MACCHI M33 SQS 50 GP/EP - RED


Realistic recreation of the 1920’s Schneider Cup racer!
High quality ARF seaplane can be flown as EP or GP!

The dramatic era of seaplane racing at the dawn of the airplane age was symbolized in the chase for the Schneider Cup and is talked about even to this day. At that time seaplanes were faster than land-based aircraft and Italy’s Macchi was one of the top guns. Amongst these aircraft, the M33 flying boat competed on equal terms against more advanced seaplanes with suspended floats. The historically significant M33 captured the hearts of seaplane fans and has been faithfully recreated in 1/8.5 scale with high precision FRP fuselage and balsa main wing. With the tricolor of the M39 to represent its Italian heritage, this model has been revived as a 30-class model. However, the design is compatible with both electric (EP) and gas engine (GP) power sources. While faithful to the original, this model has also been optimized to deliver stable flight performance with the unique high position of the power source. Almost fully factory assembled, only a short time is required for completion so you can enjoy the nostalgia and majestic form of this realistic recreation of the Macchi seaplane as its graces the skies once more.

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Plazma Ra and KF-01 technology combination

The groundbreaking release of the 09-engine powered KF-01 formula racer in July 2010 started the continual evolution of performance as each machine challenged for dominance of the F-GPX series races that spread across the globe, just like the original formula racing machines. From the other side of the spectrum, the 1/12 Plazma Ra sparked a revival in electric car racing in December 2011 with dynamic performances earning it recognition as a trend leader in electric competition models. Now the technological strengths of these two machines have forged into a competition-level electric model, set to dominate formula racing. The simple, slim and sophisticated design incorporates the stacked battery layout and the proven center pivot and rear side link suspension of the Plazma Ra within similar dimensions of the KF-01. The pitching shock with diaphragm maintains constant volume and combines with a friction tube roll damper to deliver rock-solid stability.

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#11895 FOCKE WULF Ta152H 90 ARF


Majestic flight of this 90-size long nose FOCKE cruises like a master of the sky.
Retractable undercarriage and flaps complete the high-quality scale realistic form!

Designed in the shadow of the FOCKE WULF 109D that flew alongside the famous Messerschmitt Me109, the FOCKE WULF Ta152H was distinguished by its characteristic long nose and smooth main wing. The 190D’s shortcomings as a high-altitude interceptor fighter were overcome with the Ta152H through its superior aerodynamics and water-cooled engine however, it was only introduced in the latter stages of WWII when it was too late to demonstrate its effectiveness. But the design characteristics of the FOCKE and the large aspect ratio of its main wing are recognized and appreciated in this large 90-class size R/C reproduction with realistic retracts and flaps that recreate the style of the original fighter. Intermediate and advanced fliers will enjoy the spectacle of realistic scale flight with sporty maneuverability. In addition, the airplane is almost fully pre-assembled with the difficult main wing surface contours and color scheme expertly reproduced. The FOCKE WULF Ta152H makes a magnificent interior display, but it can be appreciated to its fullest when its cruising
across the sky.

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#30924 MAZDA 787B No.55 LM 1991


Amazing new PLAZMA combines stunning detail with dynamic performance!

The potential of the PLAZMA Ra has been unleashed at electric racing events around the world and developed a reputation as a trend leader in 1/12 electric racing machines. Now a new star has risen with the PLAZMA Lm that incorporates the racing DNA of the PLAZMA Ra with the stunning detail and scale parts of MINI-Z class models. To deliver on the concept of a scale model with high-level performance, rubber tires have been replaced with sponge tires while maintaining the highly detailed scale form in a kit packed with racing features. From racing circuits to parking lots, the power of the PLAZMA Lm is on display.


MAZDA 787B No.55 LM 1991 scale body includes bolt-on front/rear LED light base, door mirrors, wipers, and antenna and dummy duct intake parts.


Includes two bodies. Plain body for you to paint as you like and a printed semi-completed body that takes only a short time to finish. Simply apply sponsor logos and install decorative scale parts.

Features the same king pin & coil spring-type suspension on front as the PLAZMA Ra. Natural FRP T-Bar governs the rear with pitching and side roll damper that requires minimal adjustment and maintains the settings for a long period.


Pitching is regulated through a center shock with a fixed volume diaphragm + roll is controlled via a friction tube. (Kyosho logo lazer etched)


Main parts such as aluminum motor mount are lightweight and anodized in KYOSHO’s signature red color.

Equipped with large plastic diffuser for improved rear traction. Can be removed with three screws when not used.


Drive shafts fully equipped with ball bearings. (total 9)


Brush-type G20 motor installed.

  • Rear ride height can be adjusted to 5 levels with 1mm spacers on the rear axle.
  • 10. Radio compartment is large enough to comfortably fit standard size servo, ESC and receiver. (Mini-servo from Ra can also be installed).
  • Smooth ball diff from the PLAZMA Ra is included as standard.
  • Features pre-glued sponge tires that deliver strong grip on all surfaces. KYOSHO RACING and degree of hardness are printed on sides of tires. 【H-38】 H indicates H rubber (material) and 38 is degree of hardness.【L-25】 L indicates L rubber (material) and 25 is degree of hardness.
Unrestricted battery choice with a multi design
PLAZMA Lm does not restrict the type of battery to be used. Two battery holders included can suit most NiMH, Li-Po and Li-Fe batteries available on the market. From slightly older and larger 7.4V Li-Po’s to the latest ORION TS and RC PLANNING R246 Muscle Power series batteries or short size and 1-cell size Li-Po batteries used in 1/12 racing, nearly all batteries for 1/12 and 1/10 models can be installed.


< Kit Contents >

  • Unassembled chassis kit
  • Decals
  • Instruction manual

< Required for Operation >

  • 2-channel, 1- servo and ESC Brushed Type (see ESC specs for battery compatibility)
  • Li-Po battery
  • Battery charger for chassis battery
  • Tools
  • Batteries for R/C system
Chassis Technical Data
Length 410mm
Width 172mm
Wheelbase 233mm
Tire(F/R) 56.0x36.5mm/54.0x36.5mm
Gear Ratio 1:3.875 (24T/93T)
Weight 900g approx.
Motor G20 motor

#30923 PLAZMA LM 1/12 TOYOTA TS020


Amazing new PLAZMA combines stunning detail with dynamic performance!

The potential of the PLAZMA Ra has been unleashed at electric racing events around the world and developed a reputation as a trend leader in 1/12 electric racing machines. Now a new star has risen with the PLAZMA Lm that incorporates the racing DNA of the PLAZMA Ra with the stunning detail and scale parts of MINI-Z class models. To deliver on the concept of a scale model with high-level performance, rubber tires have been replaced with sponge tires while maintaining the highly detailed scale form in a kit packed with racing features. From racing circuits to parking lots, the power of the PLAZMA Lm is on display.

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#31888 INFERNO MP9 READYSET (2.4Ghz-KE21R)


Inferno performance that delivered 8 World Championship titles is now available in a Readyset!
MP9 TKI3 performance hits the ground at a great value package price!

The TK13 is the most advanced version of the 1/8 INFERNO racing buggy. Performance that delivered an unrivalled record of 8 World Championship victories is now at your fingertips with this great value Readyset package that challenges the rule that high-end models can only be for expert-level drivers. Professionally pre-assembled, even the engine is installed and fitted with a recoil starter so a separate engine starter is not required. The pre-installed 2.4GHz R/C system includes an LCD screen that allows precision setting adjustments to be easily managed. This machine is ready to race and win straight out of the box at a great value price. Until now, the performance and reliability of advanced high-end models were suitable as introductory models, but the price was always too high. Now we can recommend this model to beginners for the best possible start to model racing. How was the cost reduced? Machine cutting was replaced with punching in the manufacturing process, which delivers the same strength and function but at a much lower cost. More than 60% of components are manufactured in Japan to maintain the high quality standard. Nearly all parts for the INFERNO MP9 are compatible so the machine can even be transformed into the original MP9 version. Let this INFERNO MP9 TK13 T1 Readyset open a new world of exhilarating off-road excitement!

Vivid colorful design is printed on the body, which is pre-cut and ready to be mounted on the chassis.


New design of the aluminum rear hubs effectively realizes shorter suspension arms to deliver reactive leg movement for traction efficiency.


Equipped with a 2.4GHz R/C system including ‘KT-201’ transmitter with LCD screen for easy management of setting adjustments.

Battery box positions the receiver battery near the center. Supports mass concentration around the CG for improved control.


Includes 2.4GHz receiver that delivers stable control response and easy frequency band management. Features failsafe function that automatically slows the car down if signal is lost.


Aluminum big bore oil shocks feature dial adjustment of spring tension and chassis height.

High strength and rigidity of dish wheel design delivers flexible characteristics so dirt and other matter won’t get caught.

  • Strongest version yet of the 8 world championship winning Inferno.
  • Factory assembled Readyset includes everything except fuel, batteries for transmitter and starting tools.
  • Includes pre-cut printed body complete with coloring.
  • High power KE21R engine equipped with easy to handle recoil starter.
  • Includes polished tuned muffler.
  • Equipped with high speed & high torque servos.
  • 2.4GHz R/C system installed allows easy frequency band control.
  • Includes KT-201 with LCD screen for easy management of settings.
  • Original Inferno design shaft drive 3 diff full time 4WD chassis.
  • Setting adjustments: wheelbase, tread, roll centre, caster angle, toe angle, and camber change ratio.
  • Efficient heat sink brake disk and centre diff with increased case capacity deliver stable control through to the end of the race.
  • Bushings replace E-rings in the suspension structure to rationalize the setting and maintenance order.
  • Uses stylish and secure hex screws on all parts.
  • Mudguards prevent dirt entering the drive shaft or the wheels.
  • Concave area on the side guards is compatible with the thickness of magic tape so body also prevents dirt entering the chassis.
  • Stable fuel supply is delivered from fuel tank with easy hook cap.
  • Uses stylish and secure hex screws on all parts.
  • Features a large capacity air cleaner that extends maintenance cycle.


< Readyset Contents >

  • Factory assembled chassis installed with R/C system
  • Printed pre-cut body complete with coloring
  • Pre-installed KE21R engine with rear exhaust
  • Polished tuned muffler
  • Perfex KT-201 transmitter
  • 1.5, 2, 2.5mm Hexagonal wrench
  • Cross wrench (small)
  • 1.7mm Wheel wrench

< Required for operation >

  • Fuel
  • AAA x 8 alkaline batteries for transmitter
  • Starting tools (Fuel bottle, Plug heater)
Chassis Technical Data
Length 490mm
Width 307mm
Height 180mm
Chassis Type Full Time 4WD with 3 diff shaft drive
Wheelbase 325mm (4 settings with rear hub collar position)
Tread (F/R) 254mm (change bushes for 3 rear and 2 front settings)
Tire(F/R) Micro Square Pin Type : 116 x 44mm (both F/R)
Gear Ratio 11.7:1
Weight 3,370g approx.
Engine KE21R (recoil starter installed / rear exhaust)


Excellent control and user-friendly 2.4GHz! Features a failsafe function for safety performance!

Kyosho 2.4GHz Transmitter and Reciever
Syncro KT-201 SetNo.82119
Kyosho 2.4GHz Transmitter and Reciever
Syncro KT-201 Set

*4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter
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