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  1. 22.09.2014  Photos Kyosho du Championnat du Monde sur le web
  2. 22.09.2014  Résultats Open, France 21/0914
    Vincent Meertens MP9 TKI3 Nova AKA réalise le doublé au Pin Ligue 1 Cécric Nickell  MP9 TKI3 Nova AKA remporte l’Open de Matigny
  3. 17.09.2014  Team KYOSHO INTERNATIONAL MESSINE 2014
  4. 15.09.2014  David Ronnefalk s’impose à l’Italian Job race 2014 !
  5. 15.09.2014  Vincent Meertens Vice champion 2014 du CF National 4×4 !
    Vincent Meertens, Kyosho MP9 AKA Novarossi is vice Champion 2014 in French National Championship
  6. 09.09.2014  BRCA Championnat National Electrique & Nitro, dernière manche par Chris Boots
    photo 3
      This report includes 2 National Championship events – the first being the final round of the 1:10 Electric 2WD and 4WD Championships from Robin Hood Raceway.   2WD   Elliott had a good qualifying to start the weekend off at this very difficult track, very high grip and very technical.  Getting to grips with Read the full article...