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  1. 23.04.2015  Nouvel ensemble radio Syncro FHS/FHSS 2.4GHz avec télémetrie
    82136B Syncro Touch KT-432PT Transmitter 82137 Syncro KR-431T Receiver S 82138B Syncro Touch KT432PT/KR-431T TX/RX Set The Syncro Touch KT-432PT radio system greatly upgrades the functionality of Kyosho’s Readyset, ranging from Mini-Z Sports/Moto series to large scale models that are equipped with the KR-331 receiver. Of course you can upgrade older models and other brands’ Read the full article...
  2. 21.04.2015  Fiche de réglages National #1 Elliott Boots
    « Setup sheet from the first round of the BRCA National Championships.  This setup is based on a very very high grip astro track so it is unusual for us to be racing on this type of track. » Elliott Boots     National Championships Setup Sheet    
  3. 20.04.2015  Riccardo Berton remporte la 1ère manche du national Italien
    Riccardo Berton remporte la 1ère manche du national Italien
  4. 20.04.2015  Elliott Boots remporte la première manche du BRCA
    Round One of the BRCA Rallycross Nationals is over. Starting 5th for the main final, we made some changes to the car for it and managed to take the win!  
  5. 13.04.2015  NeoX 2015 Photos , reportage et réglages Elliott Boots & Liam Galvin
          Neo Buggy 15 Setup Sheet
  6. 13.04.2015  Masters 2014, Réglages par E.Boots