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  1. 31.10.2014  Nicolas Rodriguez joins Kyosho for 2015
    Nicolas Rodriguez joins Kyosho for 2015. He continues with REDS engines and 6Mik tyres.
  2. 28.10.2014  Boots at Herts, setup sheet 26.10.14
    Setup Sheet
  3. 27.10.2014  Elliott Boots takes the win at Herts
    Elliott Boots on Facebook : TQ and win today !! at Herts winter series rd 2 the home of the the 2015 Euros B Had a great race with Darren both drivers looking super fast Kyosho MP 9 working great with a Reds R5T / Byron fuel and proline Blockade M4 / and Sanwa Exzes Read the full article...
  4. 20.10.2014  Open results in France 19/10/2014
    Sucy en Brie Ligue 1 Thomas Carandi (Kyosho NOVA AKA) takes the win in front of Vincent Mertens Kyosho NOVA AKA. Stephane Deroch, finished third. In brushless class, Thomas Carandi finishes 2nd.   Heugas Ligue 15 Jerome Delcourt takes the win. Francois Nironi finishes 3rd
  5. 16.10.2014  Bientôt disponible ! SUPPORT AILERON MP9 – HIGH TRACTION IFW460
  6. 15.10.2014  Team Orion Report (Silverstone winter series David Poulter)
    Report from Silverstone winter series Last Weekend saw the first round of the ever popular Silverstone Winter Series at Moulton College near Northampton. Most entries were in the 2wd class with over 90 people competing.   Round 1 would see lots of errors by the top drivers but it would be Kyosho driver Elliot Boots Read the full article...